Editorial Subcommittee

Co Chair: Sandra Bowdler, Kate Morse and Vicky Winton

The Editorial Committee is responsible for production and distribution of the Association’s flagship journal, Australian Archaeology. Subcommittee members include Sandra Bowdler, Kate Morse, Vicky Winton, Jane Balme and Joe Dortch.

Annual Conference Subcommittee

Chair: Fiona Hook

The Annual Conference Subcommittee is responsible for organising the Association’s annual national conference. Contact information for the current conference organisers can be found on our Conference Contacts page.

National Archaeology Week Subcommittee

Chair: Fenella Atkinson

The Archaeology Week Subcommittee is responsible for organising the Association’s major sponsorship of National Archaeology Week third week of May.

Code of Ethics Review Subcommittee

Chair: Lara Lamb

The role of this subcommittee is to undertake ongoing review of the AAA Code of Ethics, and to advise the President and NEC on ethical issues.