Documenting Skills, Rewarding Experience: the Australian Archaeology Skills Passport

Australian National Committee for Archaeology Teaching and Learning

The Australian Archaeology Skills Passport is modelled on the highly successful UK version ( and allows for the documentation of training and experience through direct reference signatories for individual skill capabilities. The list of skills covered in the passport has been collated specifically for the Australian context and is divided into Group A skills, Group B skills and Continued Professional Development skills.

  • Group A (core skills) skills identify those skills essential to the practise of archaeology within Australia. These are skills typically expected of a graduate or recent graduate.
  • Group B skills identify those which complement and extend the core skills. We have worked to ensure that the Australian passport incorporates the list of critical skills shortages identified through the Profiling the Profession surveys (Mate and Ulm, 2016; Ulm et al., 2013, 2005), ensuring that these are adequately addressed into the future.
  • Continued Professional Development skills will be in a separate section at the back of the passport.

While the UK version is primarily designed for use by archaeology students, the Australian version is designed for a broader audience, including students, graduates, Traditional Owners, professionals and interested members of the public. Through providing a means for the independent assessment and recording of critical skills capabilities, students, Traditional Owners and practitioners can track their skills development in a personal and professional context. The passport itself will be available in a soft open-access format online through the AAA webpage  and we aim to complement the passport with manuals and short videos over time.

We would welcome suggestions and feedback about the passport and correspondence can be sent directly to