1. General

Australian Archaeology, is a peer-reviewed journal published continuously since 1974. It accepts original articles in all fields of archaeology and other subjects relevant to archaeological research and practice in Australia and nearby areas.

Australian Archaeology will now be published three times a year, in April, August and December. In order to meet delivery deadlines, all copy for the April issue must be ready no later than 15 February, for the August issue no later than 9 June and for the December issue by 10 October.


Before submitting a paper to Australian Archaeology, authors should download the AA style sheet.

Submissions that do not conform to these guidelines may be returned to authors for correction before they are processed.

Your manuscript must be submitted through the Taylor and Francis Editorial Manager at http://www.edmgr.com/raaa/default.aspx.

Queries, such as whether your proposed article is appropriate for our journal, may be sent to the Editorial Team at journal@australianarchaeology.com.

Processing of Contributions:

The Editors will acknowledge via email receipt of all contributions submitted. All contributions to Australian Archaeology are triple blind reviewed (by two external reviewers and one member of the Editorial Advisory Board), with the Editors also reviewing all contributions. The review process typically takes approximately 6 months to be completed, and authors are notified of the outcome at the earliest opportunity. As is the case for any refereed journal, authors will almost certainly be asked to make revisions to their manuscript. If substantial revision is required the Editors may require that a manuscript be re-reviewed before a decision to publish is made. Once a paper is accepted in its final form, page-proofs will be sent to the senior author for checking. Final acceptance of manuscripts for publication is at the discretion of the Editors. For paper submission instructions see below.

Correspondence and Submission:

Contributors are encouraged to contact the Editors if they have any questions or concerns about the submission process.

All correspondence and submissions should be addressed to: E-Mail

2. Style Guide

Go here for the version 8 of the AA style sheet (5 April 2018).

3. Copyright

Authors are responsible for ensuring that any material that has influenced the research or writing has been properly cited and credited both in the text and in the list of references. Contributors are responsible for gaining copyright clearance on figures, photographs or lengthy quotes used in their manuscript that have been published elsewhere. Once accepted for publication in Australian Archaeology, the author retains copyright in the work and may publish or authorise others to publish the entire work or any part thereof, provided that due acknowledgement is made in any further publication that the work was originally published in Australian Archaeology.

Any royalties deriving from the published manuscript belong to the Australian Archaeological Association Inc. and will be used to further the goals of the Association and/or for the production of future issues of Australian Archaeology.