Australian Archaeology

Australian Archaeology has a tiered editorial structure, comprising Editors, an Editorial Committee and an Editorial Advisory Board, each of whom has different responsibilities.


The Australian Archaeology editorial team comprises:

  • Sandra Bowdler, Editor, University of Western Australia
  • Kate Morse, Assistant Editor, Big Island Research/University of Western Australia
  • Vicky Winton, Assistant Editor, University of Western Australia
  • Jane Balme, Consultant Editor, University of Western Australia
  • Bryce Barker, Consulting Editor, University of Southern Queensland
  • Wendy Reynen, Editorial Assistant, University of Western Australia

The Editors can be contacted via email  here.

A list of the former journal Editors and their terms can be seen here.

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of Australian Archaeology was formed in 2007.  It is the responsibility of the EAB to advise the Editors on policy matters and standards, and for individual members to provide referee reports on manuscripts submitted as articles and short reports.  From time to time, EAB members may also be asked by the Editors to provide advice on other journal related matters. Membership of the EAB is at the discretion of the Editors.

Brit Asmussen Queensland Museum
Bryce Barker University of Southern Queensland
Noelene Cole James Cook University
Penny Crook La Trobe University
Ines Domingo Sanz University of Barcelona
Patrick Faulkner University of Sydney
Judith Field University of New South Wales
Martin Gibbs University of New England
Tracey Ireland University of Canberra
Marlize Lombard University of Johannesburg
Scott L’Oste Brown Central Queensland Cultural Heritage Management
Alex Mackay University of Wollongong
Patrick Moss The University of Queensland
Marc Oxenham Australian National University
Sven Ouzman The University of Western Australia
Amy Roberts Flinders University
Gaye Sculthorpe British Museum
Nikky Stern La Trobe University
Katherine “Kat” Szabo University of Wollongong
Nancy Tayles University of Otago
Alan Watchman Flinders University
Daryl Wesley Australian National University
David Whitley ASM Affiliates Inc.
Nathan Woolford Nathan Woolford Consultants


Editorial Committee

The Editors are assisted in their roles by several others who are responsible for the day-to-day management of certain components of the journal. These include:

Consulting Editors

Jane Balme The University of Western Australia

Bryce Barker The University of Western Australia

Assistant Editor

Wendy Reynen The University of Australia